Seeing in color again

My name is Scott Geiselhart. I’m a 20 year veteran of the Frazee (MN) Fire Department, a father, and a former auto repair shop owner. And I am a PTSD, meth, and suicide attempt survivor.

CONNECTEDIn July of 2014, I had enough! I couldn’t go on. I was so confused not knowing what was going on in my life − why was I like this?

I had to stop myself from hurting my family. I felt I needed to eliminate myself; they would be better off with me not hurting them. I went to my shop and found my favorite, most reliable revolver, put it to my head, and pulled the trigger.

You’ll need to read my whole story to see how that turned out but obviously I’m still here to share my story – because I made the call to make things better.

Now, with my friend and fellow firefighter Jared Meeker, we’re able to share our parallel but intersecting experiences and help others by speaking out and informing emergency responders about PTSD, mental health, and suicide awareness and prevention. Here’s the story of how we’re connected.

Now, we can see in color again.

We want other emergency responders to know if they are struggling they are not alone, and there is help available.

Reach out. Speak out.

Scott Geiselhart

Jared Meeker

Please download and share our flyers so that others may hear our story:

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The story of how Scott and Jared are connected in a chain-of-survival:
The Exit Row” by Tiger Schmittendorf